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Our "fun food" machines are simply the best!  These concession machines are an inexpensive, convenient way to offer a special treat to your guests, and are especially popular with kids! 


(Cart optional)
No one can resist the smell or taste of freshly popped popcorn! Our antique-look popcorn machines are as beautiful as they are easy-to-use.  With a 6 oz. kettle, our machines pop 6 – 1 oz. servings per cycle (120 servings per hour).  Add a red or green cart for easy portability, and to really complete the stylish appearance of the machine.  Your standard rental includes popcorn kits and boxes for 40 servings.
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Butter Warmer
Offer your guests the ultimate snack by allowing them to add warm butter to their popcorn.  Paired with our popcorn machine, this butter warmer is a special addition to any movie or carnival-themed party.  Your rental includes one full container of butter.
[ pricing ]


Cotton Candy
Cart optional)
If there is one smell that people associate with carnivals, it is the sweet smell of cotton candy!  Both our high and standard-output machines are easy to use and fun to watch, as the fluffed sugar twirls around the cone! While our standard-output machine will produce 1-2 servings per minute, our high-output machine can produce over 4 servings per minute, making it a nice option for larger events.  Your standard rental includes sugar and cones for 70 servings.  [ pricing ]

Please choose one flavor from the following list for your standard rental:

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Pink Vanilla
  • Orange
  • Grape


Hot Dog Fence Grill
Do you love hot dogs off the grill, but hate the charred mess?  Our Hot Dog Fence Grill offers the same great taste as your backyard barbecue, with the convenience of a non-stick surface.  This amazing grill even leaves actual grill marks on every hot dog, as it rolls them to cook, and offers wider spacings to allow for Jumbo 1/4lb. hot dogs!
[ pricing ]


Caramel Warmer & Apple Slicer
Include the old-fashioned fun and enjoyment of delicious caramel apples at your event! With our caramel warmer and accompanying apple slicer, you can dip your own whole apples or apple slices (perfect for the little ones). Let your guests be creative in dressing their caramel apple treats by offering an assortment of toppings, such as peanuts, chocolate chips and candy sprinkles. The caramel warmer is also great at ice cream socials! [ pricing ]


Nacho Cheese Warmer
(Pump Style)

Our cheese warmer is a perfect complement to our hot dog steamer and chip warmer (think cheese dogs and nacho chips)! Include the great taste of warm cheese at your buffet, and let your guests top their hot dogs, tacos, chips, pretzels, vegetables – you name it! [ pricing ]


Nacho Cheese Dispenser
(Push Button)

Like our cheese warmer, this cheese dispenser is the perfect addition to a nachos or hot dog buffet! Our cheese dispenser is incredibly easy to use - just the push of a button releases steamy, warm cheese. Your rental includes one bag of nacho cheese. 

[ pricing ]

Chip Warmer
Our chip warmer, together with our cheese warmer, will be the “fun food” hit of your party! Create your own nacho bar by offering several toppings (ground meat, onions, hot peppers, sour cream, salsa), and the guests at your party will have a blast creating their favorite snack!
[ pricing ]


Super Cooler
Keep your keg cold all weekend with just 3 bags of ice!  Our Super Keg Cooler holds beverages ice cold with a minimum amount of ice melt down and no condensation.  The lid reverses to fit ¼ or ½ kegs and the cover can be used as a bowl for cans, bottles and food.  [ pricing ]


5 Gallon Hot / Cold Coolers
Our 5 gallon coolers are great for keeping your summer drinks cool throughout your party, and are such a convenient way to serve your guests! 
[ pricing ]


Ice Cream Cart
I scream, You scream, We all scream for…ICE CREAM!  Just one look at our amazing Ice Cream Cart will have children and adults screaming for more!  We deliver the cart to you frozen – you just fill the cart with your favorite treats!  Our Ice Cream Cart will hold ice cream cold for 6-8 hours unplugged, and hold 70 dozen ice cream novelties or 7-8 three gallon tubs. 
[ pricing ]


Cart optional)
You can guarantee that our sno-cone machine will be a hit at your party!
Our machines run smoothly and quietly, and can shave up to 500 lbs. of ice per hour - perfect for small and large events alike! Our sno-cone m
achines are very easy to operate - simply shovel a large scoop of ice cubes into the hopper, close the lid, and watch the fine-textured snow fill the display case!  Your standard rental includes syrup and cups for 50 servings.  You will need about 1 lb. of ice for every 3 sno-cones. 
[ pricing ]

Please choose two flavors from the following list for your standard rental:

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Cherry
  • Orange
  • Grape

Frozen Drink Machine
(Double Bowl, with Cart)
Our frozen drink machine is an absolute must for summer parties!  With two bowls, you can cater to both the children and adults at your event. [ pricing ]

Following is a list of the standard frozen drink mixes that we keep in stock. We can order other flavors, upon request, with advance notice.

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Sour Apple
  • Orange Mango
  • Cherry
  • Margarita (Lime)
  • Strawberry Margarita
  • Strawberry Daiquiri
  • Mai Tai


Hot Dog Steamer
You’ll feel like you stepped into the ballpark with the fabulous smell of steamed franks at your party! Our hot dog steamer keeps 90 hot dogs and 40 buns warm and ready for your guests to enjoy. This machine is a great alternative to the home grill (no charring!), especially at events like graduation parties, where guests are eating throughout the day. It just doesn’t get easier than this!

Please note that the hot dog steamer requires a dedicated outlet for operation.
[ pricing ]


Pucker Powder
Pucker Powder is the hottest candy product for kids of all ages!  Children just love filling their clear tubes with brightly-colored sugar, in the design of their choice!  Pucker Powder is similar to sand art, but even better, since it’s completely edible!  Kids just place the tube below the dispenser, push up and watch as their tube is filled with delicious sugar.  This large Pucker Powder dispenser is perfect for events at schools, churches, bar/bat mitzvahs, and fundraisers.  Your standard rental includes 6 sugar flavors and 180 – 6” tubes. 
[ pricing ]


Mini Pucker Powder
Like our large Pucker Powder dispenser, our Mini Pucker Powder is incredibly fun and easy to use.  With our Mini machine, kids just push a button in order to fill their tubes with sugar.  This Mini Pucker Powder dispenser is great for birthday parties and smaller events.  Choose a Blue or Purple machine. Your standard rental includes 5 sugar flavors and 30 – 6” tubes. 
[ pricing ]


Pretzel Humidifier / Warmer

Yummo!  It just doesn’t get much easier than this!  Our pretzel warmer offers you and your guests the delicious taste of warm pretzels, just like the ones from the ball park and the mall!  Pair this with our cheese warmer, and you have a really awesome treat!  [ pricing ]


Coffee Urn
There is no easier way to offer coffee to the guests at your event than with our beautiful, stainless 60-cup Coffee Urn.  Just brew your favorite blend and let this urn keep your coffee warm through the duration of your party!  [ pricing ]

Food Cooler / Warmer
Description [ pricing ]


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